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2-colour Muti striped - Steel navel rings

2-colour Muti striped - Steel navel rings

  • Product Code: BNN2UMS
  • Availability: In Stock
£1.25 Ex Tax: £1.25
316L Surgical steel navel banana barbells with '2-colour Muti striped' balls. Thickness   : 1.6mm (14ga) Length      : 10mm (3/32'') Ball size      : 5/8m...

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316L Surgical steel navel banana barbells with '2-colour Muti striped' balls.

Thickness   : 1.6mm (14ga)

Length      : 10mm (3/32'')

Ball size      : 5/8mm

Feature : external screw

Suitable for : navel piercing

- Surgical Stainless Steel (Grade 316L)

The Steel used in is 316L Steel,  is safe for body piercing.  It comprises several metals including nickel, to which some people are sensitive.  The specific composition of 316L allows for very little exposure to the nickel molecules,  reducing the risk of sensitivity. The Nickel release rate is less than 0.5ug/cm2/week.

The European Nickel Directive states that Steel is not suitable for the initial piercing or for use during the period of epithalization (healing), we recommend using it  in healed piercings only.

- UV Acrylic

UV Acrylic is widely used in body jewellery, it is safe for body piercing, is weather resistant, extremely strong and it will not shatter. It is lightweight, has a good feel, is flexible and comfortable to wear. It is plastic and does not contain nickel. It comes in many colours.


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